How To Find A Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date

Valentine’s Day is easily the saddest holiday of the year when you’re single. You’re bombarded with lovey dovey advertisements, and it seems like everyone else but you is going out on fun and romantic dates. While the holiday is really just a commercialized event designed to suck up people’s money, it is nice being able to participate in the festivities sometimes. If you’re single and tired of being lonely on Valentine’s, here are some ways to find a last minute Valentine’s date:

1. Dating Apps

dating apps

Let’s get the easiest and most obvious method out of the way first; dating apps. We all know what they are, and the days and weeks leading up to Valentine’s is perhaps the best time to utilize them. You’re itching for a date, and the other people on these apps are too.

When you match with someone, be straightforward with what you’re looking for. You’re looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day date, so make it known that you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day date. If someone doesn’t seem receptive or interested, move on to the next. Online dating is competitive, and it’s a numbers game. Everyone you talk to is talking to others as well. It might take some work before you’re able to find a compatible match, but it only takes one person to make it all worth it.

I personally recommend using multiple dating apps at the same time to maximize your chances of success. Some free and popular options include Tinder (of course), OkCupid, Bumble, and Coffee Meets Bagel.

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2. Speed Dating

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Speed dating is pretty similar to online dating; you talk with a lot of different people in a short time-frame in hopes of meeting someone compatible. The only difference is, you’re doing it in real life.

For those new to speed dating, it’s a formal event where participants go on ~5-10 minutes long mini dates with each other. You talk with one person, rotate to the next when the timer is up, and then you select whoever you’re interested in at the end. If people you picked select you too, your contact information is then shared with each other.

Speed dating might seem like a pretty intimidating task at first, but it can be really fun if you’re able to let yourself go. You’ll probably feel nervous at your first event, but I guarantee everyone else there is nervous too. Have a drink or two (or six), go in with low expectations, and I think you’ll have a better time than you expect.

To find a speed dating event near you, try googling “speed dating [your city],” or searching on websites such as Eventbrite or Meetup.

3. Go Out With All Your Single Friends


The weekend prior to Valentine’s is prime time if you want to look for someone at a bar or club environment. Gather all your single friends and set off into the night. Chances are, you guys will meet another group of single people with similar intentions. Who knows, sparks might just fly if you’re lucky. This isn’t the most direct way to find a Valentine’s date, but it’s low pressure and worth trying. Worst case scenario, you end up having a fun night out with your friends.

4. Just Ask?

Asking date.jpg

Here’s a wild idea. If there’s someone on your mind already, have you ever thought about just asking them out?

Valentine’s Day is the biggest romance holiday of the year, but it really isn’t that serious. There’s no checklist that you have to complete before you ask someone out, and getting turned down isn’t the biggest thing in the world. If you have a crush that’s single, it might be worth shooting your shot. What do you have to lose?  This is a very cliche piece of advice, but I think it has to be said. It’s probably the easiest way to get a date, but the people who find themselves lonely on Valentine’s don’t tend to do it.

It took me until my freshman year of college to get my first Valentine’s Day date (and first date ever), and all I had to do was ask. I barely knew the girl, and we had only met a few days prior. But you know what? It was Valentine season, I didn’t have plans, she didn’t have plans, so things worked out.

People don’t like to be lonely on Valentine’s Day. If you really want a date with someone, just ask. Yes, you could get rejected for a variety of reasons. But maybe you won’t. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

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