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The Best Dating Apps For Beginners In 2019

Choosing your first dating app can be an overwhelming process. There are thousands of options out there and they come in all shapes and sizes. From free apps that welcome anybody to paid ones that are specific to a certain interest, the online dating landscape is often vast and confusing.

If you’re a beginner, starting off with the most popular, affordable, and accessible dating apps is recommended. There is a learning curve involved with online dating, and it’s best to start somewhere easy. Here are the top 6 dating apps that beginners should check out:

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What it is: The quintessential dating app; Tinder is the probably the most popular dating app in the world and for good reason. It’s simple, and it’s effective.

How it worksYou’re presented with someone else’s profile and you have the option of swiping right if you like them, and left if you don’t. If you both swiped right on each other, you’re matched up and are able to have a conversation.

Notes: Tinder has a reputation as a hook-up app, and that is well deserved. However a lot of people do use it for other reasons, such as serious relationship finding, friendship, and confidence boosting. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t immediately find someone that’s looking for the same thing as you, there’s a lot to sift through on Tinder.

You should NOT always swipe right. You might think that always swiping right will increase your chances of matching, when in reality it’ll obliterate your chances by making your profile practically invisible to everyone else. Be somewhat selectively with your likes, even if you have an unlimited amount, and you’ll find that your matches should actually increase.

Cost: The app is free, and most of it’s functionalities are free. There are two paid membership types available:

Tinder Plus – $9.99 a month.

  • Allows you to check out people and swipe all around the world, as opposed to being limited in your current location.
  • Option to “rewind” and undo a swipe. Useful if you’re swiping through 100 profiles a minute and you make a mistake that you want to undo.
  • Unlimited likes, as opposed to the limited daily amount that you get if you don’t pay.
  • Five daily super likes. A super like will notify the person that you specifically liked them, and it increases the chance that they’ll notice you and will like you back.
  • One monthly “boost” that allows your profile to moved to the top of the swiping queue of others for 30 minutes.

Tinder Gold – $14.99 a month

  • Ability to see who has already liked you, and the option to like them back
  • All the other benefits of Tinder Plus.

Is It Worth It?: Tinder is perfectly usable without paying. However the paid memberships do offer a lot of benefits, and they’re relatively inexpensive when compared to those of other dating services. The additional $5/month for Tinder Gold might be a reach, but you could probably do a lot worse with your money. In short, yes.



What it is: The best place for meeting new people. If you want serious relationships, DoULike is the place to go. 

How it works: Similar to other platforms, DoULike(some call it a website, while others refer to it as a service) allows you to choose a person from a poll of random photos. You can’t communicate with one another unless the other person likes you back. 

Notes: Many reviewers view the platform as a nice starting place. You can use the platform as a hook-up site but there’s more to that. Numerous DoULike dating site reviews confirm the quality of the accounts. You won’t find fakes left and right and the general vibe is pretty friendly. Also, you get a nifty little feature that tells you how popular your profile is and what you have to do to increase it. 

Speaking of the vibe, the app has some of the best UI’s we’ve seen to date. There is nothing to distract you from the picture and the picture itself occupies most of the screen’s real estate. It is straight to the point, which is exactly what sets it apart from the competition. Good stuff all around. Plus you get all the necessary filters to sort things out, namely, age, sex, and of course location. 

Cost: Is DoULike free? Sort of! Does it have a paid option? It does. DoULike pricing system is pretty fair. The free one is rather limited in terms of functions but it does help you understand how things operate and what to expect. The paid option offers a bunch of cool perks such as unlimited gifts and the ability to see who viewed your profile, and more. In any case, we suggest that you take a look at DoULike cost to performance ratio for yourself. 

Basic Membership — Free: 

  • Create a Profile
  • Upload Photos
  • Ability to Like Others

Star Membership — $0,99/Day: 

  • Send and receive unlimited messages
  • Read and reply to messages
  • See who viewed your profile
  • See who voted LIKE for you
  • Send unlimited Gifts
  • Get more views than with the Basic Members
  • Be shown in the Star Members section

Is It Worth It?

Absolutely! In fact, it would be strange if you didn’t try the site out. Sure it has its fair share of drawbacks but it doesn’t mean that the DoULike rating is bad and that you should avoid it. We hope our review of DoULike manages to resonate with at least some of you. 



What it is: An expanded version of Tinder, with a female twist. Bumble is very similar to Tinder, but it comes with more rules and features.

How it works: Bumble starts off the same as Tinder; you’re presented with other profiles and you swipe left to reject, and right to like. If two people like each other, it’s a match. However unlike Tinder, the woman has to send the first message in order to start the conversation. If they don’t send anything within 24 hours, the conversation expires.

Bumble also features two additional modes within the app, one for friendship, and another for networking.

Notes: The biggest differentiating factor of Bumble is that women make the first move. The company’s aim for this is to empower women and allow them to take control of conversations. This is also great for guys out there who are terrible at opening messages. Note that Bumble does allow for same-sex matches, in which case this rule is inapplicable.

In a recent update, Bumble released advanced filters that allow users to fine-tune their searches. Options include things such as astrological sign, political leaning, relationship goals, drinking, and exercise habits. With the different types of people on dating apps, these new filters make it a lot easier to find a compatible match.

Cost: Once again, the app is free and most of the functionalities are free. Bumble offers one membership type:

Bumble Boost – $8.99 a week, $24.99 a month

  • Ability to see who has already liked you, and the option to like them back
  • Rematch with someone if your conversation expires after 24 hours of no messages.
  • Unlimited extensions of the normal 24 hour messaging period. Free users get one extension a day.
  • Unlimited advanced filters, free users are only allowed to select two.

Is It Worth It?: Probably not. Bumble Boost is pretty pricey when compared to it’s Tinder counterpart, and the “rematch” and “unlimited extensions” features essentially fixes a problem that doesn’t even exist on other apps. You would essentially be paying $10 a month more than Tinder Gold for some additional filters.

Coffee Meets Bagel


What it is: The best app for serious relationships. If you’re looking for a significant other, this is the app you need. 

How it works: Every day, men are given up to 21 potential matches to choose from. Women are given a list of men that already liked them, and they can choose whether to reject them, or like them back. If a match occurs, a chatroom will open up for a week.

Notes: Coffee Meets Bagel takes a quality over quantity approach to online dating. Limiting the amount of potential matches per day seems unusual, but it is absolutely effective in generating higher quality matches.

Profiles are often more substantial as users give answers to the prompts “I am…”, “I like…”, and “I appreciate when my date…” as opposed to being given a blank canvas to write whatever. Conversations are often more substantial as well, as the app provides ice-breaker questions or comments that matches can discuss.

Matches come slower on Coffee Meets Bagel, but they mean more. The users on there seem to be more serious about relationships, and the subtle differences of the app help make it happen.

Cost: Coffee Meets Bagel utilizes “coffee beans” as a currency. Users get a small amount of beans for free by logging in and referring friends, and these beans can be used to obtain additional matches, reopening chat rooms that expired, and more. In addition to offering coffee beans for purchase, CMB offers one membership type:

Premium – $34.99 a month

  • An “Activity Report” that allows users to see if a prospective match has been active within the past 72 hours, how often they send the first message and actually chat, and average message response time.
  • Ability to see when your messages are read
  • 6000 coffee beans
CMB activity report
Coffee Meets Bagel’s Activity Report

Is it Worth it?: Absolutely not. Coffee Meets Bagel is my personal favorite dating app, but it’s unnecessary to spend a single dollar on it. The features of premium are pretty unique, but they aren’t worth it at the steep $35 mark. It is nice being able to gain more insight with the activity report and read messages, but it ultimately isn’t something that will significantly impact your chances of finding someone.

The 6000 coffee beans can be helpful, but they’ll be gone before you know it. One additional match costs 385 beans; really not a value when you can get 21 daily for free already.



What it is: The most in-depth dating service available. OkCupid has been around for a long time, and it is the definition of comprehensive.

How it works: OkCupid takes dating profiles to the next level by offering its users the opportunity to answer questions about themselves. From light hearted matters such as “Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?” to heavier political and moral issues, OkCupid attempts to cover all the facets that may be important for considering a significant other.

After users finish answering questions, they’re given a compatibility score with others. This score is based on the answers to the questions, and what each person has deemed to be an important question/acceptable answer.

Okcupid match score.png
OkCupid’s Compatibility System

OkCupid is also different in that a match isn’t necessary in order to start a conversation. Users are able to send a message to whoever they want. Of course, getting a reply is a whole other matter.

Notes: There is no other dating website/app that has as many features as OkCupid. In addition to the questions and compatibility scores, OkCupid also offers a plethora of filters that can be utilized to narrow down a search. Filter options such as ethnicity, height, drinking/smoking/drug use, pets, and education are offered all for free.

In terms of features and usability, OkCupid is EASILY the best dating app. However it falters a bit in practice. OkCupid is really accessible, and perhaps too accessible. Anybody can be messaged; meaning the cute girl or guy that you caught your eye probably has dozens of other messages in their inbox already. Competition is high, and you can expect response rates to your messages to be significantly lower than other apps. OkCupid also seems to feature more fake accounts and spammers than other apps. Keep your expectations lower, and your guard high while on OkCupid.

Cost: The free version of OkCupid is tremendous, and it’s already leaps and bounds ahead of other apps in terms of features. However they still do offer two membership types:

A-List – $9.99 a month

  • Ability to see who has already liked you, and the option to like them back
  • Additional search filters, such as body type and attractiveness (They have very advanced algorithms to figure this out)
  • Able to see if your message have been read
  • Removal of ads

Premium A-List – $24.99 a month

  • Same benefits as regular A-List
  • A free daily boost that moves your profile to the top of people’s searches
  • Ability to see the answers of other people without having to answer the questions yourself. Non-premium A-List members can only see the answers to mutually answered questions.

Is It Worth It?: Yes. The A-List is essentially the same thing as Bumble Boost, plus the messages read feature, at 40% of the cost. If you’re looking for a complete dating app experience and are willing to invest a few dollars, OkCupid is one of your top options. The extra $15 for Premium A-List is iffy, as the only real useful benefit is the daily boost.



What it is: The liking, not swiping app. Hinge introduces “why” to attraction.

How it works: Users have to mutually like each other in order to start a conversation. However instead of just swiping right, Hinge users show their interest by choosing a specific part of another’s profile that they like.

Notes: Hinge has a casual feel similar to that of Tinder and Bumble, but it’s less superficial. Users have to essentially answer why they’re interested in someone else, and that why could often be something other than an attractive picture. Profiles on Hinge consist not just of pictures, but also answers to prompts such as “My greatest strength is…” or “We’ll get along if…”

Hinge is also unique in that it attempts to track real world success. If users exchange phone numbers, the app will later ask if a date occurred, and if it went well. The feedback is then used to generate better matches in the future. Hinge prides itself with its quality over quantity approach, and features like this help justify their claims.

Cost: Hinge offers one paid membership:

Preferred Membership – $12.99 a month

  • Ability to see who has already liked you, and the option to like them back
  • Advanced filters; the free version only allows for age, distance, height, ethnicity, and religion
  • Unlimited likes; the free version has a daily limit

Is It Worth It?: Yes. Hinge’s preferred membership is a pretty good deal at its price, as the ability to see other likes is pretty helpful, and the advanced filters are substantial. The unlimited likes is a lesser benefit, as the daily limit is already pretty high. Overall though, not bad at all.

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