Are You One Step Away From Your Dreams?

“Why did you name your blog Takes One?”

I started this blog for a variety of reasons. I wanted to write about love and relationships because it’s something that I care about. I wanted to have a platform that could showcase my writing for future employment opportunities. But above all, I wanted to share a particular way that I approach life.

One of the most common pieces of advice that we hear is to “never give up.” I think it’s a totally fine phrase, but we’ve all probably heard it so many times that its meaning has become lost on us. Why shouldn’t we give up when things are hard? Why not try something else when things seem impossible?

Here’s something that I realized: no matter what you’re trying to achieve in life, there is going to be a point where you’re only one step away from success. One step away from your dreams.

It Only Takes One

I think this is particularly true with relationships. If you’re single, it’s only going to take one other person to change all that. Now finding that person might take a long while. Or maybe it won’t. Regardless of who they are, you’re really only one step away from meeting them.

That step could be your next blind date. It could be the next random girl or guy that you muster up the courage to talk with. It could be the next person that you swipe right to. There are so many opportunities to meet someone, and it only takes one for you to succeed.

You can apply this thinking to other areas of life as well. If you’re unemployed for example, don’t stand still with your back on the ropes. You’re one job application away from an interview. Maybe it won’t be the very next application you send in. Maybe it won’t be the 50th. But you will eventually reach a point where the next application is the one. The final moment isn’t always clear, but realize that every step that doesn’t work out is just bringing you closer to the one that does. 

Life is hard. But it’s not complicated.

Motivational Two men competing to mine diamonds

A lot of us are in the position of the bottom person. We’re so close to finding the diamonds in our lives, but we stop before it happens. We can’t recognize the final step, so we fail to take that it. The person on top is far away from the diamonds, and he doesn’t know it. But it doesn’t matter. That one last step will come eventually, and he’ll take it. Will you?

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