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Unique Relationship Gifts That Won’t Empty Your Wallet

Picking out relationship gifts is never an easy task. You’ll want something that’s unique, exciting, and impressive; and those qualities usually don’t come cheap. There are exceptions to every rule of course, and we’ve compiled a list of them for you here:

Make Them Royalty

Principality of Sealand Noble Title Relationship Gift

Sealand is a micro-nation located near the British coast. Some describe it as the (unofficial) “world’s smallest country.” They offer various noble titles for sale, such as Baron/Baroness, and Duke/Duchess. This gift is really more of a novelty thing, but who knows, maybe it could bring you closer to your own royal wedding one day.

Cost – ~$38.79 (for the Lord/Lady/Baron/Baroness title)

A Personalized Love Book

Example of Customized Book from Lovebook Relationship Gift

Lovebook allows you to create your own personalized book, complete with its own characters, setting, and story. This is probably the best idea on this list, its truly unique, romantic, and special. Definitely check out their website for more details.

Cost – starting at $35.96

Love Coupons

Love Coupons Relationship Gift

Love coupons are a versatile and easy way to offer appreciation to your special other. You can be really creative with these coupons and include ideas such as movie dates, massages, or a home cooked meals. You could cut some paper and make your own homemade coupons for free, or you could order a fully customized coupon booklet from LoveCoups. 

Cost – starting at $29.96

A Fondue Set

Fondue Set Relationship Gift

Melt your special one’s heart today with an easy to use fondue set. There are very few things that are better than some melted cheese or chocolate right at home.

Cost – $19.95 – 39.95

The Five Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages Book Relationship Gift

One of the most iconic relationship books of all time, The 5 Love Languages teaches the ways in which people express love to each other. Reading this could be a great way for you and your partner to develop deeper bonds.

Cost – ~$9.59

A Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Homemade Hot Sauce On White Paper Towel

If your significant other likes spice, then look no further for the perfect gift! This fully customizable DIY hot sauce kit features a variety of peppers and tools that’ll certainly bring some heat to your lives.

Cost – $27.57

A Star MapYour Night Sky Relationship Gift

The Night Sky sells posters that feature the view of the stars at any given location and past date. Commemorate any special moment in your relationship with this truly one of a kind product. It is on the pricer side of things, but totally worth it.

Cost – $60.00

Their Favorite Smell

Baby Powder Smell Demeter FragranceDemeter Fragrance offers cologne and perfume sprays of practically any smell you can think of. Baby powder, new car smell, thunderstorms; you name it, they probably have it. Be sure to check them out, your partner’s nose will thank you.

Cost – starting at $3.40

Homemade Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Relationship Gift

There are very few things better for a relationship gift than homemade chocolate dipped strawberries. They’re delicious, cheap, and they really aren’t even that hard to do! All you need is a bag of plain chocolate to melt in the microwave, and then some strawberries to dip in.

Here’s a tip, after dipping the strawberries into the chocolate, don’t immediately put them down onto a surface. Hold the fruit in front of an open refrigerator and let the cold air solidify the chocolate first. The end result will be a gift that will definitely impress your special someone.

Cost – ~$10

Do you have any relationship gift ideas you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them, drop a comment below! 

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  1. Love the Personalised Love Book idea! Genuinely thinking about getting one for my wedding that’s coming up soon!
    Also, love The Five Love Languages. It really helped me understand my fiance even more.

    Thank you for sharing these ideas! Really helped!

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