A Love Worth Dying For

One of my favorite things is this Japanese reality show on Netflix called Terrace House. It’s a show about a couple of guys and girls living together and their everyday interactions. That’s it. There’s no manufactured plot or drama, just whatever occurs naturally. A common thing that does occur is romance, because that’s what happens when you put young and attractive single people under the same roof.

In Terrace House’s Aloha State season, a guy named Taishi Tamaki comes and he takes that theme of romance to the next level. The first thing that he tells everyone is that he’s there to find love, but not just love, a love worth dying for. He is a man on a mission, and he makes sure that everyone else is put on notice.

The show turns from a kid friendly version of Big Brother into the Bachelor, and Taishi, its star. He dives right in and proceeds to go out with literally every single female housemate on the show. It’s controversial. A lot of trash is talked behind Taishi’s back. Feelings are hurt when he moves on from one girl to the next. A lot of crying and self-reflection occurs. But it was all worth it.

For Taishi, that was the price he was willing to pay. True to his word, he was going to find love or he was going to die trying. It takes him a whole lot of dates and a whole lot of scorn, but in the end, he succeeds in finding that love of his dreams.

I loved what this guy did. A lot of viewers disagree, saying that he was too “thirsty,” and going too far just to find love. To that, I say so what? He succeeded. They say that “good things may come to those who wait, but only what’s left by those who hustle.” This guy Taishi had an opportunity, and he hustled his ass off to make the most out of it.

He didn’t know what he wanted, but he was going to damn well find out what he didn’t. I think more of us should do the same. If you’re not sure what you want in life, don’t just wait for it to magically come to you. It won’t. Keep pushing forward and find out the things that you don’t want. Whether it’s romance or something else, the end result could be something worth dying for.

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