The Greatest Love Story That You’ve Never Seen

I love watching romance movies. Rom-coms, chick flicks, sappy love stories; you name em, I’ll watch them. There’s just something about the genre that sets it apart for me. Maybe it’s the whole living vicariously through its characters thing that I really like. Or perhaps its the inspiration that it provides me for my own dating life. Who knows?

One thing that I do know is that romance movies tend to get old after a while. There’s only so many different ways that you can tell the story of two people falling in, out, and back in love again. The genre starts to blur, and you have to wonder whether or not you’re just watching a rehash of a previous story each time.

I thought I’ve seen it all, until I recently watched this unassuming 2016 Thai film on Netflix called One Day. If you haven’t seen it before, you absolutely have to watch it.

Movie poster for One Day

The film is about Denchai, a nerdy IT guy who has never been with a girl, and who’s name is unknown by nearly everyone around him. (He’s the type of guy who could really use a book like Small Thoughts For The Super Single.)

Long story and low spoilers short, he falls in love with his co-worker, Noui. He doesn’t know how to win her over, but he makes a magical wish that later comes true. Denchai is given one day of love with Noui, but just that, one day. A relationship is something that he has never experienced before, and he’s not sure what to do with it. Should he live that day to it’s max, knowing that there isn’t a tomorrow? Should he fight to hold on to her, or let go and simply cherish the memories? Will it truly count as love if it has a deadline?

One Day is a lighthearted film at its core, but it leaves you with heavy thoughts. It makes you think about love in ways that you normally don’t. For me, I realized that the vast majority of romantic relationships end at one point or another. It’s very rare for somebody to live their entire lives only having been with one other person. But yet, it’s still extremely upsetting when relationships ends. Perhaps it doesn’t have to be.

Is love about the destination, or is it about the journey?

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