The Best New Year’s Resolution You Can Really Make

2020 is arriving soon, and with it comes everyone’s favorite annual tradition of New Year’s resolutions. While most of our resolutions fail year after year, our determination in making them never seem to waver. The New Year offers a fresh start, and perhaps more importantly, a reason in our minds to have inspired change.

We love having reasons in our lives. They’re comfortable, and they serve as green lights whenever we seek to act or change. Reasons are our justifications whenever others ask questions, or when things happen to go wrong. Making mistakes drastically seem more okay when we have that explanation behind the curtain.

Because. That’s the force that drives most people. We do things, or we don’t do things, because.  

It’s how everyone lives. It’s how you live. We have things in life that we want to do, and we only do them after we find a good enough reason to attach to it. Living like this is logical. It’s smart. But maybe it’s something that we could all try changing in the new year.

What seemingly crazy and unreasonable thing do you want to do in 2020? Quit your job and do something that’ll actually ignite your passion? Ask out that guy or girl even though you think they’ll say no? Start that project that nobody else seems to understand?

You don’t need a new calendar year to justify putting yourself first. You don’t need to come up with a good reason for other people. Not everything has to “make sense.” If something really tugs at your heart, and it isn’t something that could kill you, then why not go for it? Life is short, and you aren’t at the center of anybody’s world except your own.

Do things because of you. That’s the best New Year’s resolution you can really make.

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