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The Ultimate Guide To Hooking Up At A Music Festival

The following is a guest post by DatingFuchs.

Festivals are simply amazing! You get to see great bands, have a great time with your friends and meet like-minded people that enjoy music just as much as you do. But let’s be honest, festivals are also a great place to hook up with attractive music fans of the opposite sex. Our partners at DatingFuchs will show you how to handle these steamy situations – and what NOT to do.
Every (Rock) music fan should go to a festival at least once in their lifetime. At the right festival you get to see all your favorite bands at once, party, camp, have a great time with your friends and feel absolute freedom. It’s just natural that your hormones are also in the mood to rock; and hence hook ups belong to festivals like a good old mosh pit. However, there are some rules that you should follow if you want your sexual encounters to be worthwhile. Here are some tips to make the most of your festival summer of love.

Festival Hookup: Get Your Dating Apps Up and Running

If you are one of the rare individuals that doesn’t have Tinder and Co. on their phone, THIS is the time to change and download these hookup accelerators now. Instead of trying to find someone interesting in the crowd, you can just use these apps to see who is around and ready for some rocking and rolling. You should definitely tell in your profile that you are at the festival, so people know that you are there and ready to ramble. Believe us, dating apps are the best at music festivals, because you can get casual dates fast and easy. Moreover, if they are nothing like their profile or you guys just don’t click, it’s easy to disappear into the crowd.

The Perfect Place For Some Action

You found someone you’re vibing with, you guys already kissed and you’re longing for some privacy. But where to go? If you share a tent with someone else, please show some respect and don’t get your freak on if the chances are high that your mate might stumble in during the middle. You should either let them know that you have a guest beforehand or look for another place to do it. Depending on the location of the festival (close to a beach, a forest etc.) there might be some other options. To make yourself and your person of desire comfortable, you should look for a good, undisturbed place.

Have Fun, Use Protection

In the heat of the moment it is easy to forget some of the essentials. Condoms shouldn’t be one of those though. Not only are you risking to have a little surprise nine months later, you also risk your health. STDs should be taken seriously, especially if you get involved with someone you barely know. So be smart, pack them before you go and carry them with you at all times. Better be safe than sorry.
The most important thing on festivals is of course the overall fun. So maybe the best tip we can give you is to simply go, enjoy yourself and the music to the max, pack the condoms (just in case) and see what happens. Maybe you not only find a hookup, but the actual love of your life – you never know. One thing is for sure though: Festivals will always bring you joy and happiness.

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