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My Forever Single Doctor Friend

One of my best friends is single, and he has been for pretty much his entire life. You probably wouldn’t assume it if you’ve met him; he’s relatively fit, good looking, and he’s on his way to becoming a doctor. A couple of years away from that MD on his license plate, but it’s happening.

Doctors always come up in those “Most Attractive Profession” reports, and I can totally understand why. What’s sexier than a partner that’s smart, and can save your life? However despite this soon-to-be title, and all of his other features, my friend still finds himself loveless.

I met him all the way back in the early years of high school. We didn’t go to a really big school, but I think it was big enough. There were options aplenty, no matter what your type was. However throughout the course of high school, my friend was fixated on one girl, and one girl only. Let’s call her Sarah.

To my doctor friend, Sarah was it. She was popular and pretty, and he gave zero damns if people thought she was out of his league. I like that type of thinking, go hard or go home ya know. However for three straight years, my doctor friend didn’t really go hard, at all. Our conversations about Sarah would be about her subtle glances towards him, or things such as the lending of a pencil that resulted in a brief touching of the fingers. Never once did my friend ask her out on a date, or even for her number.

“She’s interested in me, but I’m going to wait until I’m a doctor, and then I will win her over.”

I’m taking a few liberties with the paraphrasing here, but the quote above is something that he actually said to me at the end of high school. It was the perfect intersection of delusion and shortsightedness. I mean come on man, you’re going to wait 10 years, not do anything in-between, and then magically win her over with your stethoscope?

It takes a lot more than a sexy job to win somebody over. My friend has since gotten over Sarah, and he’s been searching hard for new love. He has that white doctor’s coat now, but alas, he’s still single. Lots of Tinder and Bumble matches, but they always end up going nowhere because of his inexperience.

I know he’s going to find somebody eventually. It’s only a matter of time, but it really could have been a much shorter amount of time if he didn’t use the doctor thing as a crutch. Having a nice occupation can only do so much. It’s like a pair of nice running shoes; you can buy the most expensive ones available, but you still have to move your feet to run.

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