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You Are Your Greatest Rival

Guest Post By Our Newest Contributor: Chef Albert

Let’s layout what society regards as the “perfect” life. Joe is your average Joe. He is 45 years old in this example. He wants what is best for him, and what society thinks is best for him. By that regard, and taking into account his age, he would like to have:

  • A job he loves
  • To makes boat loads of money
  • A wife that’s beautiful and that he has a special connection with
  • Kids that would make any parent proud
  • Best friends for he can count on and will share special memories with
  • The ability to travel the world and experience culture in a multitude of ways
  • Sports cars to take for a spin
  • A personal movie theater and basketball court and etc

Do you see where I’m getting at? We’re all kind of like Joe aren’t we? We are all striving for the best of things in every aspect. The unfortunate reality is that we can’t have all that. It’s just not possible. I’m sure there’s some one reading this who thinks he
or she has it all but in reality they don’t. There’s always something missing, always something more.

The moment that you’re born, you’re “all-in.” But there’s a difference being all-in on a fantasy, and being all in with ourselves. People ask, why not try to be the very best person in all aspects? My answer, because we’re all going to fail at getting to the very top. That’s the unfortunate reality in any aspect of life.

You can make one million dollars but the guy next to you is going to make two. You just benched two plates for the first time, the guy next to you just recorded his personal best at two and a half. You just bought your first luxury car, a lexus. The guy next to you just bought his first Lamborghini.

I’m not writing these examples to discourage readers but to highlight that us OURSELVES are our greatest competitors. Not colleagues, not family, not friends, or classmates. The person in the mirror. That’s the only person we can really truly beat. So why not beat your personal best from yesterday? Who cares if your best is someone’s worst. You will never be satisfied if you compare your achievements and wants to others. We will always be our greatest rivals, and what matters is OUR best.

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