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Picking Up The Phone Will Make You Richer

When I’m not writing for this blog, I work full time as a Recruiter. It’s a job that requires me to look at countless resumes everyday, and make dozens of weekly cold calls. The average Recruiter probably speaks to thousands of different people in an average year of work, and I think my experience is along the same.

While speaking to all these people, I’ve began to notice certain patterns of behavior. Somebody with a computer science background might view things a bit different than a business background for instance. However the most prominent pattern that I’ve come to realize is a simple one: richer people tend to pick up the phone more often. 

The Phone Is Money

I primarily recruit for Software Developers, which is a career path that has huge disrepencies in salary. A fresh graduate working at Google could be making more than double of somebody else with 15 years of experience. It’s not a job where success can be easily mapped out on a linear chart.

There’s a lot of factors that come into play. Education. Someone’s actual skills. Their background. But I think the one thing that stands above all is someone’s willingness to explore opportunity. The ability to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right person or company.

If I come across a resume of somebody at a good company, working on an exciting project, and most likely making a lot of money, there’s one thing that I can be almost certain about. They will pick up the phone when I call. They will be a lot more likely to hear out what I have to say. More likely to explore the details of the opportunity. If it’s a downgrade, or not interesting, then so be it. But if it’s truly the next big step for them, they’ve already laced up their shoes and gotten ready to run towards it.

Metaphors Only Takes One

Life is about moments and our ability to cross the finish line for them. The things that we do everyday prepare us for our moments, but they’re useless if we can’t take the final step. You can practice and get better at your line of work all you want, but what’s the point if you fail to actually apply for your dream job? I’ve called hundreds of people that probably didn’t pick up because they didnt recognize the Caller ID. There’s a missed raise and dream in there somewhere.

Obviously there’s a lot more to becoming richer than just picking up the phone. It’s a metaphor, and it’s not even really about money. It applies to every aspect in life, because it only takes one moment to make things all different.

Finding. Love. Is. Hard.

Now this is a dating blog after all, not some career advice page. The other reason why I wanted to write about this topic is because of a recent conversation that I had with a friend.


I mean really, this guy is one of my best friends, known him for so many years, great guy. But damn does he struggle with the ladies. Never had a girlfriend in his life despite years of wanting. This conversation right here is the absolute pinnacle of not picking up the phone when you should.

I understand where my friend is coming from. Investment Banking is a tough job, with very long hours. And yea, maybe it wouldn’t the most ideal situation for two bankers to date each other. But I think if you’ve been involuntarily single for 25 years, you can’t be closeminded and live off of assumptions. Pick up the phone. Say fuck it and go after those moments. Finding love is hard, but it only takes one to make it all worth it.

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