Passion. What are you passionate about?

Is it food? Do you have all of Gordon Ramsay’s cookbook recipes memorized (if so, can you tell where’s the LAMB SAUCE?) If you don’t understand that reference, google it, you won’t be disappointed.

Is it fashion? Do you watch fashion shows and scoff at new designs that to you, are “so last season”.

Is it art? Can you point out the eras of art while noting the differences between them; “So you see, the meme era from 2010-2015 was characterized by pictures of a cat that looked decidedly, well, grumpy. This is in sharp contrast to the meme era from 2018-2020 which was associated with jokes about World War III erupting and ‘cancelling the year 2020’.”

Ok, maybe that last part isn’t a joke. But what are you passionate about? If you’re like me, you might be passionate about cars. I’ve been a complete petrolhead for as long as I can remember. Actually, I want to tell you guys a story. Get ready to go “awwww” because it’s a cute one. 

Growing up, I would always stare outside the window while my dad drove us somewhere. In my boredom, I found myself naturally staring at other cars driving by. I was inexplicably drawn to these cars. I was so young, around two or three years old at the time, and had no comprehension of how cars worked or how they existed. But there was some spark, some attraction there.

It was like seeing a beautiful guy/gal and knowing that you had to go talk to them. Was it because of their physical beauty or was it because of an attraction to their soul? It’s hard to tell, but you know one thing with complete certainty – you want to know more about them.

I think I was first intrigued by cars because of their beauty- the lines of their body work, the beautiful paint jobs that would twinkle and reflect in my eyes as we zoomed past, the sounds of engines reverberating through space, and my memory as I tried to recall the almost melodic sound of six cylinders working in unison. Of course, I didn’t understand all of this when I was only two or three, but I felt it. I knew how I felt, deep down. 

This keen amazement, causing little me to ask, “Hey Dad, what car”, as I adorably pointed to a random car speeding alongside us on the highway (I was a cute little kid). 

He looked at me with surprise. “That gray car is a Nissan. Nis-san. Can you say Nis-san?,” he asked me while trying to hide a grin. 

I nodded my head, “Nis-san!” That really got me going. “Nis-san! Nis-san! Nis-san! Nish-san! Niz-san!” 

Then I would point to the car next to that, and excitedly ask “What car?” He then would respond with the make of the car, and I would go on and on until he would eventually say, “Let’s play the quiet game! Let’s see how long you can be quiet ok?” This was how I started my love affair with cars, and the passion transformed from only knowing the make of a car, to knowing the make, model, engine, engine characteristics, suspension, and aerodynamics. I can’t explain why or how this came to be, but it did. A spark within me was lit when I resonated with a shiny block of aluminum speeding by me. 

I guess that’s what passion is. Resonating with something and wanting to learn more about it. Bringing together a silent curiosity, with the loudness (in my case) of learning more and more. 

As cliché as it is, I’m going to end my post with a quote. I think it encapsulates how I feel about passion. 

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

What are you passionate about? I want to know – whether it’s collecting Russian matryoshka dolls or playing Uno every night before you go to bed. Let me know in the comments below! 

Stay passionate my friends,

Andrew Gavin


P.S: I hope you’re passionate about something the way this dog is passionate about eating ice cream.

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