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Celebrating Two Years at Takes One

Two Year Anniversary Takes One

Wow. The two year anniversary of Takes One already, how time flies. Nowadays, two years doesn’t sound like that long of a period to me, but it’s kind of crazy thinking back at where I was two years ago.

I had just quit my first full time job and moved abroad. I spent a month living in a hostel and wondering what I was going to do with life. It was a typical quarter-life crisis, and I really didn’t know. What was I actually talented or knowledgeable at? My grades in school were good, but I think that was more so hard work rather than being smart. I wasn’t artistic or athletic. Did I even have good looks? Beats me (but lettuce be real, probably not).

Living in that hostel was great though. I met so many different people; some that had life figured out, and some who were in similar shoes as mine. The motivation behind starting this blog came from a person in each of those categories.

Done Is Better Than Perfect

The first was this guy named Lem. You could just kind of tell that Lem was a smart guy, and his background showed it. I mean this guy dropped out from Yale in order to focus on his blog and online business. It was like a Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates kind of story, except on a much much smaller scale. Nonetheless though, he was still making six figures, and living a life of entrepreneurship and freedom.

It was actually pretty crazy how much money he was making. All while living and remote working in the same hostel as I was. The wonders of modern technology I guess. Anyways, I asked Lem how he did it. I expected some convoluted explanation, perhaps some technical or creative brilliance far beyond me, but it wasn’t any of that. His advice was basic but pointed. “Find something that you like, and get started,” he told me. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Done is better than perfect. 

Finding The Niche

The second person who inspired me was Jeremy. This guy was a bit older than I was, around his mid to late thirties. He was a Senior Manager at a big company in France, but he quit because he didn’t enjoy it. I met him during the tail-end of his sabbatical around the world, my quarter life vs his half life pondering.

At this point, I was really considering the whole blog thing, but I didn’t know what to write about yet. Anyways Jeremy and I were drinking one night, and I asked him if he figured out what he truly wanted to do. I shit you not, this guy tells me that he was going to start up a blog. I didn’t even mention wanting to start up my own blog to him yet, this was totally unprompted. He told me that he was going to write about drones, because he enjoyed it, and that there weren’t a lot of drone blogs out there. It was going to be his niche.

It Must Be A Sign

After hearing that, I knew I definitely had to start up my own thing. I meet a rich college drop out, and then I meet some random traveler from France, and they’re both bloggers/aspiring bloggers? Come on now. I was only living in that hostel for a month, this had to be some sort of sign. I signed up for WordPress the day after my French connection with Jeremy, and Takes One was born.

I decided to make a dating blog because that’s what I felt the most knowledgeable about. At the time I was single, and I was doing my best to not be. You could find me on pretty much every single dating app/website out there. I was even trying out speed dating, blind dating, and etc. Finding love is hard. But I knew it would only take one person to make all the efforts worth it. That’s how dating is.

More Than A Pick Up Line

I also wanted to write about dating because I felt there was a niche that needed to be filled. There are A LOT of dating blogs, YouTube channels, and other dating content sources out there, but a lot of those miss the mark on what’s really important. In my opinion at least.

I think a lot of guys in particular can relate. When I was younger, I would always look for these “one stop” solutions for my dating woes. You know, articles and videos like:

“Best Pick Up Lines That Will Definitely Work”

“How To Get A Date In 4 Easy Steps”

“Foolproof Ways To Make A Girl Laugh”

I’m paraphrasing these titles here, but you all know what I’m talking about. Those “easy” and “foolproof” solutions that are essentially shortcuts to finding love. Bullshit I tell you.

Finding love is hard because it’s two fold. You have to go out there and find that right person, but you also have to find yourself along the way too. Discovering what makes you happy is just as important as making someone else happy. That’s why Takes One has two categories of articles, love and life.


This blog hasn’t made me rich, and sponsors aren’t breaking down the door just yet, but I’m still really proud of how it’s grown over these last two years. I remember publishing my first article, and being so excited about it. My very own website and article! I sent the link to pretty much everybody that I knew, and I told them to keep an eye out. The next big thing in dating content was coming.

It took quite a while before Takes One resembled what it does today, an actual blog as opposed to a mere collection of writings. But ya know, getting started is better than being perfect. This very post will be the blog’s 50th. What a journey it’s been. Readers from 82 different countries. A second team member. Guest posts from other bloggers. An interview with an acclaimed author. Even our own published book!

This blog couldn’t have come this far without the support of a lot of people. During the times where I didn’t know what to write, or if I even wanted to continue writing, there was always somebody there to push me forward. A big thank you to all of those friends and family that believed in this. Here’s to two years, and to many more.

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