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A Weekend In Williamsburg

A weekend in Williamsburg 

Steam blows off the cup of coffee. 

Friends smile as we sit around a wood grain table, spending time in the warm silence, content with life and its subtle way of saying “just be”.

Quiet conversation flows as we move through the streets.

Presiding merriment from old Saint Nick, 

It steeps into our experience, tea.

Grateful for the time.

It was a great weekend. Sometimes you have those weekends where everything flows together perfectly- it’s serendipity. Reminds you that everything is going just fine. 

Living in New York is a cool opportunity too- you’re in arguably the great city in the world, driven by the desire to improve yourself and maximize your life experience. I am biased- I’ll admit.

But my bias comes from my belief that I’m here for a reason. To remind myself that to achieve my dreams I need to work hard, but also to remind that beauty and joy are all around me. To not take myself too seriously, 

To not forget to have fun, to remember, everything is and will be okay.

A weekend in Williamsburg

It can do that to you. The catharsis of being with the people you love, or in a place that is not overly concerned with being something (or somewhere) that it’s not.

A chance to reset, recalibrate, and rediscover who YOU are, and what YOU want. Approaching a new place with no expectations, simply being along for the journey. Spending time talking about new perspectives and learning about those around you. Quiet reflection on these past few months/few years without the harsh judgment of routine.

My friends, my family, they are one in the same. Thank you for a joyous weekend in Williamsburg.

I come away from this experience with a fresh perspective on what makes me tick. And what ticks me off. Lol

I knew this was going to be great, but just didn’t know how. It’s reminding me of the unexpected expectedness of life – you never know truly what’s going to happen, except that storms don’t last forever.

Happy New Year everyone – I hope you all get to have your own weekends in “Williamsburg”.

I’ll see you all soon,

Andrew G

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