Do We Really Need A Valentine’s Day?

Hello my dearest readers. I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted, sorry about that. I’ve been busy with my real life job and some other personal ventures, but I’ll try to get back into things.

Busy time of the year, and especially so with it being February and Valentine season. Valentine’s Day has always been an eventful day for me; I consider it as a sort of litmus test for how life is coming along. Of course, yes, there’s a lot more to life and happiness than relationships. But you know, kind of run a dating blog and all here.

A lot of people think otherwise about the holiday though, and I get it. Valentine’s Day has become such a commercialized and budget busting event. Is it really necessary to have one specific day be dedicated to romance?

“You should just be romantic everyday. Why do you need a special day for it?

Replace romantic with some other themed keywords, and you essentially get the main argument for most holiday party poopers. I think that’s such a lame way of thinking though, and frankly a shallow point of view.

I love holidays and events because they give us a reason. An excuse where it’s okay to do something that we otherwise don’t, or can’t on a daily basis. I think one thing that the pandemic has taught us is that it’s okay to not be at our maximum capacity all the time, because it’s not possible. Being able to make it through each day and hold things together, that’s good enough. 

It’s tough to be super romantic and to be able to show it properly all the time. It loses its meaning if you’re giving flowers and writing cards on a daily basis. I think it’s the same thing as celebrating a national day or birthday or whatever. You wouldn’t go watch fireworks, and you wouldn’t congratulate somebody on their life, every single day. It’s the specific date itself that gives it the most meaning.

Maybe February 14th is an arbitrary date. Does that matter? Valentine’s Day isn’t something that needs to exist, but it does. It’s there, it’ll continue to be there, and I think we should just make the most of it. If you’re single and not interested in romance, you don’t have to necessarily stress about it. But if you do care, I think you can’t let it slip by.

Valentine’s Day is only one day a year. I’d say it’s the best time for single people to muster up their courage. It’s the best time for people in relationships to show their appreciation. Why let that one day pass by if you don’t have to?

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